Pommes Frites Pizzeria and Bistro St Francis Bay
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Pommes Frites Bistro – St Francis Bay

a dining experience at its very best

A family run restaurant, Pommes Frites Bistro opened in St Francis Bay in November 2015 at the site of the old Farm Stall on the corner of the R330 and the Oyster Bay road. Being somewhat out of town few patrons visited the new restaurant but those who did, soon became regular customers singing the praises of Chef / Owner Jean-Pierre Pauwels and his outstanding culinary delivery.

In October 2016 Jean-Pierre had opportunity to move from the old farm stall into premises in the St Francis Village and soon became a popular eatery for fine dining as well as a popular take out option with offerings of great traditional pizzas and pasta.dishes.

A recent refurbishment with fresh new flooring in the entrance area and warm carpeting in the dining area has hugely enhanced what was already a very cosy personable dining experiences. For lunchtime diners and warm summer evenings there is a small outdoor area  f

Chef / Owner Jean-Pierre and Chef Michel prepare all the dishes personally with the care and perfection one expects for a dining experience at its very best!


A family run restaurant where we treat you as family!


A selection of our Signature Dishes

PRAWN CROQUETTES   –  traditional Belgian style deep fried croquettes filled with prawns, parmesan & emmental cheeses

FLEMISH STYLE ASPARAGUS – poached white asparagus topped with a butter, crushed hard boiled egg, lemon juice & parsley sauce

FILLET STEAK – “A grade” beef fillet pan fried in butter served with either flambé green peppercorn sauce or a creamy flambé mushroom sauce

SOLE OSTENDAISE  –  traditional Belgian style pan fried west coast sole prepared in a creamy bisque sauce topped with prawns

PORK CHOP SICILIAN – bread crumbed pork chop filled with sage, Parma ham, spinach & mozzarella cheese served with spaghetti  & Napoletana sauce

PRAWN Risotto – prepared with white wine, cream, bisque finished with Parmesan cheese

VEGETARIAN (V) – Homemade pesto base (no tomato base), artichokes, spinach  & black olives